Welcome to my web. 

Just upgraded to new server and now I will spend more time on this site; enjoy.  

I have a chance to try my old OS 91 engine with some internal work to it and am very happy with additional power from this unit. Is running extremely stable and produced more power then stock with sb18long. Next one will be SZ for test and after all testing is done I may offer this service.

Canít wait for new Booby frames for Stratus with new servo position and new bell cranks collective and cyclic will be faster then stock, style using 140 on it and I do like it.

Working on my new AP ship, for now it will be Askman 360HD mount with canon 20D with one off my 90s. Next year I will put this set up with T-rex 600E on 12s to for my AP application.

                If you have any questions or comments to my site send me e-mail Ė that helps.


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